1st time moms always overbuy!!

1st time moms always overbuy!!

The wait game is excruciating as a first time mom. I literally left like I was pregnant for 84 years. So what do you do to pass the time?? Well…after you have picked out a name, you can set up the nursery, and then start shopping for clothes…and more clothes and more clothes and all sorts of shit you may never use! I get it because I did it myself. It made me feel better about the wait to grab her something cute when I was out and about but I can tell you what… those mini trips add up! Not only do they put a hurting on your wallet but they also leave you with more 0-3 month clothing than you will ever get around to using. Let’s not forget the family members who will be buying things too. It all adds up to a pile of wasted money!

Here are my TOP 5 reasons to NOT overbuy for baby!

1. MONEY- wasted money. I cannot tell you the amount of outfits that went into the “this doesn’t fit box” with tags still on them because she never got around to wearing it all. You will see all the ways that “wasted money” resonates through out this entire blog LOL.


2. You don’t know what kind of “mom” you’ll be– There are 3 types of moms (and I am not saying any one of these types is superior to another) I am just speaking from my experience and you need to identify which you are so you can plan accordingly. I am a psycho cleaning mom. If my babie’s hamper has 4 things in it I have to run a load of wash. If she has 3 dirty bottles I wash immediately. This for me lead to even more excess baby clothes because I was doing the wash so quickly I didn’t need 52 onesies (for spit up purposes.) Now there are Moms who can hold out and do laundry 1x per week…you obviously will need a lot more to hold you over for the entire week of messy baby. Then you have the moms who fall somewhere in-between. Maybe a load of wash 2-3x per week. Feel yourself out for a couple weeks… YOU CAN ALWAYS BUY MORE and you’ll want an excuse to get out of the house anyways.

3. What if baby doesn’t like it?– I fell into the buying trap with Wubbanub. For those of you who don’t know they are a super cute pacifier with a stuffed animal attached to it that retail for $18 EACH. Yes, $18 for ONE pacifier. Well naturally I bought EVERY animal they made for baby M. The swan, the hippo, the giraffe… I literally bought 20+ before she was even born! I was constantly wondering which animal she would favor. JOKES ON ME because she doesn’t like the pacifier style LOL. SO what’s that mean… I have $200 worth of pacifiers unopened and sitting in a drawer. PS. Melania likes the MAM pacifier which retails for $$3.49 each. ??‍♀️Needless to say if you invite me to your baby shower in the next 3 years you are most definitely getting Wubbanubs because my daughter hates them!

4. What if Mom doesn’t like it?- I knew within the first month that I didn’t like the onesie/pants/socks combo as nearly as much as I liked the zip romper which has everything included all in one! The annoyance of having to put on the onesie, then the pants, then the socks, instead of doing it all in one zip lead me to scramble to order more rompers (spearmintlove.com or poshpeanut.com) and in turn left me with an over abundance of onesies that I had no plans of using. AKA MORE WASTED MONEY

5. You’ll buy shit you never needed in the first place- Shoes for an infant? What was I thinking… I mean I didn’t know any better. Between keeping her in the house because of flu season and her FREAKING out when I try and put shoes on her… shoes were a waste. Had I only bought 1 pair I wouldn’t have cared so much but of course I bought 5! Scratch mitts… bought those and never used them because the rompers that I mentioned above had the option to turn the sleeve into a mitt. SMART on the romper company but a waste of my money buying the scratch mitts. A “white noise maker” …UM… “Alexa, play white noise”. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT… DUH and I have an Alexa in her room so that was a waste ($50)! I mean I could go on and on with this last one but you get the point. With amazon.com making home delivery of ANYTHING you need speedy you can just order things as you need them!

For all you budget savvy moms I hope this blog helps you make better decisions than I did! I mean let’s be serious, even if you are wealthy nobody really wants to throw money into the wind. I know buying things for baby is exciting when you are pregnant but if you don’t want to stress your wallet then cut back and wait till baby is here for the bulk of it! You will learn VERY quickly what works best for you and baby, what you need and what you don’t need. Waiting to discover these things will save you trips to stores to return half the shit that you never used without a receipt because lord knows you threw it out while nesting OR can’t remember where you put it (pregnancy brain).

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