3 realistic options for a Mid-Summer body Reboot!

3 realistic options for a Mid-Summer body Reboot!

Hey Friends! We all know that we look forward to summer ALL YEAR long here in Buffalo NY and that’s why we can all get a BIT carried away during these few warm months. Patio lunches and dinners, family parties and BBQ’s, poolside drinks… All of these amazing events can have us packing on the extra pounds…so how do you find balance?? EASY. 95 Nutrition!

The month of July is definitely our busiest summer month, as it is half way through the summer for us, and for that reason a great opportunity to reboot your body.

So what are your options???


The 30 day challenge is what you need! 30 consecutive days of eating 95 Nutrition which will put you track to lose 2-3 lbs a week without even stepping foot in the gym. The food you will be eating daily is the same meals you see on our menu. You get to pick everything out that you want to enjoy for the week. It’s that easy!

You know what else is exciting? If you sign up by WEDNESDAY you will be competing to win a FREE MONTH of 95 Nutrition. The winner of each 30 day challenge gets an entire month FREE to help continue their success. Now tell me that doesn’t get you motivated!

Sign up now by clicking the link below!


Need a payment program to help offset the cost? Call or send us an email. We can get you enrolled ASAP!

716-465-1920 EXT.1


We got you! Let’s try “behaving” Monday-Friday at 5pm 😉

Stick to 95 meals during the week to help keep your calories in check & spend less time cooking, grocery shopping and washing dishes during the week! Win, Win situation.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner can cost you as little as $15 a day and we have plenty of options to keep your taste buds interested. Order for just one week and see the difference. SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, LOSE WEIGHT.

Stop in store to any of our 6 WNY locations OR order right online!



I hear you! No time to waste this summer, but hear me out. You can still make your life easier and more exciting this summer by using 95 for convenience.

With over 25+ different meal options per week & a very affordable price point you may just want to stash a few away per week to save you the hassle of cooking or finding a meal as you are running from event to event. Join us in store or online to purchase your weekly meals, you wont regret it!

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