5 pregnancy “rules” I broke

5 pregnancy “rules” I broke

Maybe you’ve had this moment already or maybe your moment is yet to come but it all starts with “OMG! I’M PREGNANT!” HOW EXCITING! YES! it is such an exciting time in your life BUT from the minute you announce your pregnancy you are met with a long list of “things you can’t do or can’t eat”. Also, little do you know you are also now going to be subject to EVERYONE’S JUDGING EYEBALLS. Now as a first time mom, I am sure the peanut gallery is more likely to chime in than if it’s your second or third pregnancy… so just beware. The unsolicited “advice” is bountiful during pregnancy especially if you have the balls to post about your daily life on social medial (like myself). BRING ON THE CRITICS. For this reason I wanted to share with my “mommies to be” a list of 5 “rules” I didn’t always follow during pregnancy.

  1. Do not raise your heart rate above 130 when working out- Oh okay, so I can’t even power walk then! Ugh this one was soooooo frustrating for me as I was “super fit” when I got pregnant. (now…well not so much?) I continued to run on the treadmill till I was 5 months pregnant and from then on I walked on an incline. I did TRY and keep my HR in or around 130 but rarely was it 130 when I was doing cardio. Now to put it in perspective I used to spike my HR to 180 when I was putting in the work prior to pregnancy, but when I was pregnant I would slow it down if I got to 155-160.
  2. Ate sushi once a month- (GASPS!! I can hear them now…YOU DID WHAT???) This one was HIGHLY controversial on my social media account. I would get AT LEAST 5 DMs from random women “You know you are not supposed to be eating that right?!” Yes Karen, I am aware of the basic pregnancy laws thank you for your concern. But really the #1 reason you shouldn’t eat sushi is because you could get “sick”from bad fish. During pregnancy we always went to our trusted restaurant. We knew the fish was very fresh and stored and prepared properly. We never just tried somewhere new on a whim. Also I stayed away from any of the fish that the doctor flagged as “high in Mercury”.
  3. I Had a glass of wine- DO NOT DRINK WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT. Well yes in a perfect world you would consume NO alcohol at all during pregnancy but I am only human. I love my red wine sooooo I splurged every now and then. When I did it was treat and only had 6oz but you know what? It was just enough to make you feel “normal” which is hard to do while pregnant. So yes I drank a glass on date night. It’s okay to live just a LITTLE. (SIDE NOTE: Who knew a 6oz pour was so small LOL?. I would say my “at home” pours were a little heavy prior to pregnancy)
  4. I dyed my hair- Not only did I dye my hair I dyed it TO THE ROOT! I was not going 9 months without it, plain and simple. I did make a compromise and had it done every 3 months instead of every month?
  5. Drank caffeine- Another thing you are told to give up entirely (if you love your unborn child right?! SO DRAMATIC). I was a heavy caffeine user prior to pregnancy so this one was not easy for me. Between the fatigue of pregnancy in general and feeling like I shouldn’t have any caffeine in the morning I was waking up like a straight ZOMBIE. I decided half way into the first trimester that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I traded my caffeine loaded morning energy drink in for something with half the “bang” Also, Instead of slamming all of it 4 min after waking up, I would sip it over the course of an hour. It REALLY gave me quality of life during the pregnancy. I also had one late afternoon from time to time if I really needed it. The recommendation for caffeine is 200mg per day while pregnant. I was at 400mg some days. JUDGE ME.

Short version: What I am here to tell you is that you DO NOT have to be perfect during pregnancy to have a healthy and beautiful baby. Listen to your doctors advice. Play within the limits and try to enjoy the journey. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even if you haven’t enjoyed your pregnancy thus far…you will miss this feeling when it is gone?

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