Co-Sleeping? Is it for you?

Co-Sleeping? Is it for you?

So friends, let’s talk about the topic of co-sleeping. Let me first start with a disclaimer that I told my husband she absolutely wasn’t going to sleep in bed with us… he was actually the one who swayed me to at least consider it as an option. Now that we are full time co-sleepers I will give you all MY PERSONAL OPNION on the topic. As always with my disclaimer: I am not here to shame mom’s who do not have the same opinions about this topic as me and I am not here to entertain your negative comments about “why I shouldn’t co-sleep”. Thanks in advance.

Being a first-time mother I had no idea what to expect with co-sleeping other than the fact that I thought it would completely interrupt my sleep and routine to have a baby in the bed. Little did I know just having a baby in general is going to do that for you. Also, The fear of rolling over on baby was a serious concern of mine. Now ANY article on the internet and/or pediatrician will tell you that the safest way for a baby to sleep is in his/her crib on their back. Ok, got it. If you do a quick google search you can find HUNDREDS of articles against this topic talking about SIDS and horror stories of infant death… DO NOT GO LOOKING FOR THE BAD INFORMATION or you will scare TF out of yourself and not make the decision that it best for you & your partner. Now that we got that out of the way let’s move forward with my co-sleeping experience thus far…

IT HAS BEEN AMAZING. We absolutely love it. So lets address the fears I initially had about co-sleeping and why it was proven to not be a problem.


  1. Scared of rolling over on baby– DOCKATOT to the rescue. My husband and I worship the dockatot creators. This little baby capsule is the best invention ever for co-sleeping parents. Not only does it give baby their own “space” in your bed it also comforts baby because it “snuggles them” Unlike a big and empty crib mattress, the dockatot has bolstered sides that make baby feel protected and snuggled.
  2. Baby sleeping in bed with you will ruin your snuggle time with hubby- Not true. We put Melania on the right hand side of the bed (Next to my husband) not in between us. This way we can still sleep next to each other and have baby M with us. Carmelo loves to have her on his side but if you are feeling jealous you can rotate nightly so that both mom and dad get time next to baby.
  3. Interrupted sleep– Naive Lindsey thought having M in bed with us would cause me to wake up more… UM HELLLLOOO Lindsey… You will be getting up a lot regardless. The benefit of having her right next to us is half the time she just lost her binkie and is fussing so that one of us will find it and give it back to her. This is incredibly easy to do when she is right next to you. Roll over, locate it (in the dark), pop it in her mouth and she is instantly sleeping again…Imagine her getting fussy in her crib, then it needs to escalate to straight crying for the camera to alert you that she is up, then you have to GET OUT OF BED go to her room, turn on some sort of lights (ahhh my eyes), find the binkie, calm her down and HOPE she goes back to sleep instantly, which isn’t likely. PHEW…god bless the parents that do that.
  4. Independence issues- The doctor was ADAMANT about making sure we knew that co-sleeping would cause independence issues. “She won’t know how to sleep alone”. Blah blah blah. Yah okay got it but we are not actually sleeping next to her (touching). The dockatot takes care of this as well. Since she is in her little “sleeping pod” she is technically sleeping by herself. 😉 I have also confirmed that this isn’t an issue bc when she takes naps during the day they are done alone in her crib. The dockatot is still in her crib so it gives her that same sense of comfort and she does well all by herself.

Now let me touch on a couple CONS of co-sleeping

  1. The bed is absolutley cramped- Even with a king size bed I currently sleep on a SLIVER of the bed. Small price to pay for all the benefits in my mind
  2. Once she is asleep you have to be quiet- My husband and I were watching a comedy and we started DYING laughing. Woke her up instantly. If she was in her own room this wouldn’t be an issue. Again, small price to pay. We could also go watch in the living room and let her sleep till we are ready for bed.
  3. Little cries, grunts or baby noises might startle you awake- Noises that wouldn’t make your baby cam alert might wake you out of a sleep but I feel like as a first time mom you are already walking the tightrope of straight paranoia when baby sleeps… so who cares. It’s actually comforting at night to hear her. I’m pretty sure every mom checks to see if baby is breathing at least 10x a night for the first month. Way easier to check when baby is right next to you.


So take it from an anti co-sleeping mom from day 1. My conclusion after 6 months… This shit is magical. We LOVE having her with us at night and If you very next question is “when” will she sleep at night in her own room? Frankly, I don’t have an answer for you. My husband and I are in no rush to shuffle her out. When it comes time it will be a joint decision from the both of us. I’ll keep you posted friends ? It might be a while and I’m not ashamed to say that.

  • kate
    Posted at 02:42h, 20 April

    I coslept with my oldest till he was 4. He’s now 12. I sleep with my 3yo (he has a queen size bed) and my 2yo sleeps in her crib. I tried having my 3yo when he was a baby sleep in his crib but then I had another baby while he was still a baby and honestly he slept better once he was in my bed. He would not wake up durning the night even when the baby got up. I love the bonding and snuggles. He sleeps alone for naps which he is fine with. Everyone asks me if I feel bad bc my daughter sleeps alone. Yes and no. She’s more independent and doesn’t need anyone to cuddle or whatever plus she sleeps better alone. I am deathly afraid of sids when I had my oldest he slept on my chest. I did not get any sleep bc I was a single mom and did not trust him sleeping alone if I couldn’t feel him breathing. #procosleeping

  • Ashley Herkey
    Posted at 11:02h, 20 April

    I LOVE that you shared this! So many co-sleeping Moms don’t talk about it out of fear of being judged. I always said I would never let a baby in our bed. Ha!! After many sleepless nights I tried laying my daughter down with us and she slept 5 hours that night! ?? She’s 5 months now and I love co-sleeping.