“I’m pregnant I’ll eat what I want”

“I’m pregnant I’ll eat what I want”

Let me throw a disclaimer on this blog. I am not shaming any pregnant woman who eats whatever they want when they want. This blog is for women who are worried about excessive weight gain during pregnancy or those who are struggling with food cravings.
So let’s get started. I’m in week 18 of my second pregnancy and all I think about is FOOD. I’m craving all the time and it seems I have a bottomless stomach. Ugh. This is one of the “symptoms” of pregnancy that I find the hardest to cope with. Why? Because I care about how much weight I am gaining. Not for looks per se but for my health as well. Now before you label me as a crazy lady who’s weighing myself daily and restricting my food that is NOT the case by any means. I literally never get on a scale while pregnant and I don’t care to have my doctors office tell me how much I weigh when I am in for my monthly visits. With that being said, I am mindful of the fact that I can’t eat everything in my home 24/7 or I will have A LOT of work to do at the end of this 40 weeks.

FACT: Women LOVE to tell other women “Eat whatever you want, it’s fineee you’re pregnant” I can’t tell you how many times I have been told that and boy is it tempting to give into. Heres how I navigate the food cravings during pregnancy.

I DO eat what I want BUT within limits. I am still mindful of my portion size and how much I am eating overall for the day. I never take a bag of chips to the couch with me. I take a bowl and when it’s gone it’s gone. I’ll eat a few cookies but I won’t allow the whole box in front of me. Am I perfect? No. Do I eat late at night? Absolutely. Do I eat more than I probably should? I sure do! BUTTT I don’t give into the food cravings every hour of every day. There are a lot of times I tell this little baby “no” or “you’ll have to wait.” Long story short, I want to enjoy my pregnancy while still remaining healthy from start to finish.

The cravings are real!
Tell me your favorite pregnancy snack…
Right now I love goldfish crackers, donuts & pickles

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