Postpartum body 101

Postpartum body 101

Postpartum body 101…for the body conscious mom!

Let’s talk postpartum mom bods! If I am being honest one of my biggest fears of pregnancy was the body changes and weight gain. Call me vain, call me self absorbed…call me whatever you want because I am NOT afraid to tell you that I was SCARED. Being a body conscious woman prior to pregnancy had me wondering just what I would look like when this is all said and done.. You know what I have to say after making it out on the other side?? YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY MAMA (or future mama).

Day 1 postpartum you will be like “well WTF… I was just pregnant for 9 months and here I am STILL looking pregnant after”. Nobody leaves the hospital looking like a supermodel, I can tell you that much. I can also tell you that you should try not to inspect your body for a good month. Focus on being a mama. Focus on taking this brand new way of life in. Soak up those baby snuggles and worry about getting your body back when YOU are ready.

For me it was almost exactly a month before I was even willing to address the topic of “well how much do I weight now”. On the morning Melania turned 1 month I decided to “throw on my pre-pregnancy jeans” because why not! They should fit right? I didn’t eat myself silly while pregnant so I couldn’t have gained THAT much weight. Well, I got the jeans up just past MY KNEES. My mind was blown. NO WAY could I be that far off from getting them on. I mean it wasn’t even close! Ok… I better just weigh myself to see what is up. I hopped on the scale and hopped right back off…187 lbs?! Absolutely not. Nope! No way! I’ll try again tomorrow…187…and the next day, 187lbs. You know what? I think its the scale… Go buy a new one (I swear to you I did LOL) New scale out on the floor, hop on…187 lbs. Okay Lindsey its time to face it, you gained 30 lbs. It took an entire week for that to settle in for me. I have never in my life needed to lose 30lbs. I mean at most MAYBE 7-8lbs after a long winter bender but nothing close to this. Where do I even start I thought to myself.

I decided that day to accept the reality of my body and I started to diet. DISCLAIMER: By diet I mean that I quit eating like complete shit and started using my meal prep company to eat portion controlled meals. I won’t bore you all with my entire weight loss journey (you can find weekly updates of that on 95 Nutrition’s blog) but my little girl is now 5 months old and mama has lost all 30lbs. I will be the first to tell you that it WAS NOT EASY but I refused to give up until that scale said 157 lbs. Now don’t look at my “timeline” and think that it is the norm. Each one of you will have a different journey. Some will have more to lose, some will have less to lose. Some women will do it in 3 months, others in 9 months or 18 months. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION. Read it again if you need to. You need to “do you” during this season of your life and it is absolutely up to you to decide when and where to start. Remember this blog is for the body conscious mom, women who WANT to get back into shape. If you love your new curves postpartum, by all means keep them!

Speaking of postpartum curves…where did these hips come from? Where did this booty come from? Hahah! Well here is another secret, your body will NEVER be quite the same. I am currently at the same weight I was prior to having my daughter yet it doesn’t look quite the same. Is that a bad thing? I’d say yes and no! I am definitely not as “toned” as I was pre-pregnancy and my body is carrying fat in areas that it normally wouldn’t have but now I have these Kim K. curves that I can absolutely work with. I am not done losing weight but I would have to say that I am proud that I “attacked” the bulk of the pregnant weight gain. Slipping on those same jeans I could barley get up past my knees 5 months ago makes me feel SO proud of myself.

What is the take home message here for mamas to be and currently expecting mothers who worry about their postpartum body?

  1. Don’t eat yourself SILLY while pregnant. ABSOLUTLEY ENJOY YOURSELF. Eat the Oreos, but have 5 of them and not the whole box. Have a late night bowl of ice cream, just not the entire pint. I was OBSESSED with Wendy’s Baconators when I was pregnant but I would only allow myself 2 trips per week because if I didn’t I would have been there EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  2. DO NOT STRESS about “how much weight you are gaining” during pregnancy. So long as your doctor isn’t telling you to pump the brakes on eating you will be fine!
  3. It’s just weight, you will absolutely be able to lose it if you put your mind to it.
  4. It’s okay to not be happy about the body you see in the mirror. Don’t let the instagram moms reverse shame you into accepting a version of you that you don’t like! In the same way that it is encouraged to embrace your weight gain from pregnancy, it is also okay to disagree with the acceptance.
  5. ENJOY being a mom first. You start losing weight when YOU are ready. Don’t let my timeline or anyone else dictate to you WHEN to get started.
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