Should I get Induced?

Should I get Induced?

Well, this is a very personal decision. I struggled GREATLY with the decision to let Melania come naturally vs. scheduling an induction. You know where I am headed with this…I immediately took it to google to start researching being induced. Pros, Cons and anything in-between. If the information was on the internet I sure as hell read it. Now you also know where this is going…the majority of the information available was… YOU GUESSED IT! A bunch of negative shit about why induction is not the “way to go”. Some of the main negatives that were thrown in my face were

  1. It’s not natural
  2. Contractions hurt 2x as much
  3. Higher risk of c-section
  4. Longer hospital stay
  5. It might not work (meaning you would have to come back for a second try at induction or till baby comes naturally)


After freaking myself out by becoming an MD on google, I decided to ask my doctor at my next appointment. DUH LINDSEY. Dr. Susan was alllllll about being induced. She said I would be a great candidate for it because of my busy “work life” and my “need to feel in control” of situations. My entire pregnancy I would express to her how “weird it feels” to not be in control of this process, that it all just happens naturally and that she could now come at any moment. (Something you are told at the beginning of the 9th month).

I told her all about the negatives I saw online and she said that they were all possible but very rare. She also told me to go home and “think about it” (and to stay off the internet) until my next appointment and then we can decide. FINALLY some sound advice.

For a week straight I drove myself nuts going back and forth with my decision. YES I wanted Melania to decide when her birthday would be, but I also wanted complete control over when the “process would start” moreover at 38 weeks I was sick of being pregnant. Dr. Susan also told me that If I go past 40 weeks we would need to schedule an induction anyway and all I could think is “If I wait for her to come for the full 40 weeks and then have to get induced anyways, I will just lose my mind”. At my next appointment I scheduled an induction at 39 week (as per my doctor).

So what’s it like to be induced? EASY PEASY!

Of the 5 negatives I listed above and the only one I found to be true was the longer hospital stay and not because of complications or anything its simply because it’s a “process”. Since your body isn’t actively in labor when you get to the hospital you don’t just HAVE the baby. It’s a bit of a wait game to get the process started, which is where the “extra stay” comes from. You arrive the night before your actual induction begins so they can “soften your cervix” for 12 hours. Sounds painful but don’t worry it’s not…basically you marinate over night to get that thing ready for your Pitocin in the morning!!! You probably won’t sleep much because you are nervous and excited all at once…and especially if you didn’t bring your own pillows LOL.

9am the next morning they started my Pitocin via IV and the labor started gradually. Don’t worry your contractions don’t just start instantly, they start verrryyyy faintly and progress to being stronger and stronger as they increase your dosage. Follow the lead of your nursing staff and doctor and you will have a baby in your arms in no time. Remember you will also be in the labor room for the ENTIRE labor process instead of being able to “stay home” for as long as possible riding out the contractions. I really didn’t mind being at the hospital the entire time I was in labor. The nurses and I joked around, I asked them questions, they helped me with different laboring positions to help Melania drop down and get ready.

Moving on to the whole “having more painful contractions”. Well the beauty of it being my first pregnancy is HOW THE HELL WOULD I KNOW ANY BETTER?! With that being said If you have’t read my blog about Labor Day please do if you are dying to know more about the pain aspect! Laboring is uncomfortable either way so I can’t imagine it really hurts THAT much more. In any event, I would absolutely get induced again if I had a 2nd child so obviously it was a great experience. Just incase any “mommy-to-be” is grappling with this topic here are the top 5 things I LOVED about being induced.

  1. You have an end date to the pregnancy– Your 1st pregnancy is SUCH A WAIT GAME. Knowing the day you will head to the hospital gives you a definitive date to count down to!
  2. You are in control– You know when you contractions will start because you know when the Pitocin starts.
  3. You have no questions unanswered– Since you are in the labor/delivery room for the entire process you have nurses on hand to help guide you
  4. You aren’t panicked– Since your water didn’t break at Target and your husband didn’t have to rush home from work to get you to the hospital you are at ease
  5. You kinda know babies birthday– If everything goes as planning you have a 2 day window as to when your baby will arrive. Melania was induced on the 25th and arrived on the 26th by 19 min, but for the most part you can be certain that you will have the baby within the 2 day time frame.

As I stated at the beginning of this blog, this is a very personal decision. Don’t feel pressure in any direction by anyone in your life OTHER THAN YOUR DOCTOR. Some women need to be induced for medical reasons so in that case please listen to your doctor. If you are leaning towards induction you should also know that it is covered by your health insurance just like “natural labor”, but make sure you double check your provider just to be safe. If you have any questions about my experience with being induced drop them below! I would love to answer them for you.

  • kate defruscio
    Posted at 18:05h, 24 June

    all for it! I was induced with all 3 of mine bc I’m a control freak lol I wanted to have my bags packed. Sitters ready. Knew what to (somewhat) expect. I have said if I were to ever have another id want baby to decide when they wanted to come. For the last surprise. (But idk if I can/will)

  • donmadan
    Posted at 07:25h, 01 February

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