Tips for dressing your baby girl!

Tips for dressing your baby girl!

So you are expecting a little angel and of course THE FIRST thing everyone will tell you is “OMG A GIRL! Dressing girls is so much fun”. While I would like strangers to have a more profound reaction to “it’s a girl” we can’t ignore that dressing baby girls is FUN.

Since Covid-19 hit many of us shop exclusively online and I can tell you their are some scams on the internet when it comes to children’s clothing. For this reason I wanted to share with you some the most reputable, high quality sites that I have shopped with as well as a few tips that can help you identify the scammers.

Let’s start with the tips first!

#1- IF THE DEAL IS TOO GOOD…IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE- So many “overseas based companies” are advertising on instagram and facebook nowadays. They send adds to your phone of adorable babies in adorable outfits. Now these ensembles look like a million bucks in the pictures and include the leggings, bodysuits AND BOW for just $12.99. LOL. You get what you pay for. Not only will the items take 60 days to arrive via snail mail from China, they will be absolute trash quality.

#2- LOOK FOR REVIEWS- Any reputable company has reviews. Mostly good, some bad from the “Karen’s of the world” but if you cannot find ANY reviews for the company anywhere on the internet STAY AWAY. Try simply googling “(company name) reviews” and bingo! You’ll find the good and the bad!

#3- Always read the comments- When your phone puts an advertisement in front of your eyes look at the comments left by others. People will not hesitate to rant about poor quality or customer service on the adds. ALSO NOTE: If the add has 200+ “likes” but absolutley no comments that mean the company is deleting the negativity. Also a sign to stay away.

Now onto the brands that come highly recommended by Myself and Melania.

#1- SpearmintLOVE- This company is great from Newborn all the way to toddler. Beautiful prints, tons of inventory and fast shipping. Items fit true to size. One downfall is their customer service is MINIMAL. One of my packages got lost in the mail and when I contacted them they had ZERO sympathy for me. AVERAGE COST: $24-$42 an outfit

#2- Poshpeanut- The material they use is so soft and stretchy. Fun colors and prints and the durability of the items is great. Items fit true to size and because of they are so stretchy you can squeeze another month out of them. Great for Newborn-toddler. They do have limited selections and serious lack of inventory (meaning you have to be ON IT or the newest print will sell out in minutes) I suggest subscribing to their emails so you are the first to know about a new print. AVERAGE COST: $38-$52 an outfit

#3- Janie and Jack- LOVEEE LOVE LOVE the fashion they have for little ones. I would suggest this company for 6 months and up because the clothing is rather expensive so you want baby to be crawling & moving around to show it off! Items fit true to size. I have NO negative feedback here just try not to purchase full price because they ALWAYS discount the items within weeks of the release. AVERAGE COST: $48-$65 an outfit

#4- Milkbarn- Softest hight quality body suits. We love them for “lounge wear” or bedtime. I am very impressed with the quality of the items. They do have very limited selections and the prints can be a bit “wild” for some. AVERAGE COST: $24-$42 an outfit

BONUS Bargain Buys

Jessica Simpson line at buybuy baby- Her children’s clothing is rather trendy and ALWAYS marked down at buybuy baby. You can get very adorable rompers for under $20 that were priced originally over $40. (Oh don’t forget to bring your 20% off coupon)

TJ MAX Baby dept- They have all sorts of random brands at TJ Max that are adorable. If you are willing to sift through tons of stuff that’s RANK you will absolutley find some great outfits that usually include a matching bow for under $12.99 <— (this is huge seeing that most of the sites I listed above want $12 just for a bow!) Target brand “Cat & Jack”- Always check the clearance rack at target for this brand. They have WAY TOO MUCH inventory at most Targets so it’s always on clearance. If you want something that isn’t marked down literally wait 2 weeks. It will be 1/2 off. I have gotten Melania a couple dresses for $6 (and of course they are adorable).

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