Top 5 “MUST HAVE NURSERY SPLURGES” when bringing home baby

Top 5 “MUST HAVE NURSERY SPLURGES” when bringing home baby

For those who don’t know yet I just recently became a mama! My little angel is 6 weeks old now and I have already learned SO MUCH from her.


I wanted to share you with you my top 5 favorite items that help make my life as a new mama easier…but like really I couldn’t live without them.

#1- DockaTotCost: $200- coupons are NEVER available

This is basically a baby mattress for co-sleeping. Now I am not trying to start an argument or debate on whether or not co-sleeping is safe or “okay to do” I am just telling you that my husband and I couldn’t live without our Dockatot and that Melania sleeps safely and soundly every night with us.

#2- BabyBrezza- Cost: $200- coupons are never valid but the website sometimes has sales (Black Friday/cybermonday)

This basically the greatest invention ever for making baby bottles. Think of a Keurig coffee machine but one that perfectly warms, mixes and dispenses baby formula in SECONDS. No clumps, no wait time for warming, no measuring. Click a button and BOOM, you have a bottle. Now I know many moms breastfeed but even if you are mixing in bottles here and there it’s still totally worth it. Melania is bottle fed so I know we absolutley couldn’t live without this invention!!

#3-A Comfy rocking chair- Cost: $500-$1,000- BuyBuy baby allows you to use coupons on these!

I never thought a rocking chair would be an essential but boy do you spend a lot of time feeding as a mama and why not have a comfy and warm chair to spend this time with your little love bug

#4-The Nanit- Cost: $300- No coupons valid but they do have specials on their website

This baby camera is TOP OF THE LINE. The set up is so simple and the install of the app is just as easy. The app works very well, has a bunch of cool features and never disconnects. We tried the Owlet first and didn’t like it at all. YES you can absolutley get much cheaper monitors but if you are a tech geek at heart and can appreciate a brand that invests in customer experience then this is the one for you!

#5- A TV- Cost: $250 and up

When my husband insisted on putting a TV in the nursery I was so against it. I thought it looked ugly and why the hell would we need a tv for an infant?? Well DUH it was for us! While you are sitting in that comfy chair for your 5th feeding of the day you can use the time to catch up on news or mindlessly watch something you come across. It’s also excellent for those nights baby won’t sleep and you can’t hang in the bedroom because you’ll wake your spouse…so you are just sitting in the nursery and rocking and rocking. Well with a nice TV in your nursery you can now catch a movie while you snuggle baby to sleep?

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