What you REALLY need in your “hospital bag” for Labor day!

What you REALLY need in your “hospital bag” for Labor day!

I have seen blog after blog of famous people telling you what to pack in your “go bag”, “hospital bag”, whatever you want to call it bag….basically the absolutley necessary shit you will need at the hospital. I wanted to take a minute to share with you my top list of MUST PACKS as well as some unnecessary crap I packed and never touched. Keep in mind I am no celebrity or influencer to you won’t get any BS that I am trying to “up-sell” you on with my special promo code. Just straight facts here ladies!

#1- YOUR OWN PILLOWS- I cannot stress this enough. I was told “you might want to bing your own pillows” MIGHT?! Are you freaking kidding me?? The hospital pillows were AWFUL. Literally plagued my entire life during my stay as well as my husbands. BRING YOUR OWN PILLOWS. You will thank me. In this department as well… the blankets weren’t awful but if you want optimal “comfort” you want to bring your own of both.

#2- SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS– A friend of mine who has done this a few times said “make sure you pack snacks” and I was like huh??? Snacks? Like why would I need those, doesn’t the hospital have a food court? Well for starters the food usually SUCKS and to add to that they have restricted hours (not open 24/7) and that crap food is expensive. I DID pack snacks but here is where I went wrong… I DIDN’T PACK ENOUGH. Keep in mind you will be staying several days AND your husband/partner will be eating (almost all of them) as well! I packed gold fish crackers, chips, jolly ranchers some protein bars (yuck when you are pregnant) but I should have doubled the snacky foods because our stash went dry 1/2 way through my Labor Day. UGH. Speaking of Labor Day I HIGHLY recommend a hard candy of your choice to “suck on during labor” it really does help distract you. I picked Jolly ranchers and I would call out a flavor to my husband and he would fish for it, unwrapped it and pop it in my mouth. 🙂

ALSO- EXTRA SNACKS because if you give birth like I did between the hours of 10pm-5am there is ZERO food options available at the hospital because everything is closed. Thankfully the nurses scrounged up a DRY AF white bread turkey sandwich with NO MAYO or anything on it for me to eat at 12:30am. I WAS GRATEFUL. (My poor husband was on his own…sorry babe!) YOU WILL BE STARVING after you give birth because you don’t eat ALL day and you just did something absolutely exhausting.
SIDE NOTE: To make matters more funny the nursing staff does try and give you a “final warning” like “the kitchen is closing soon if you want to place and order and keep it in the room till later…” Like no Karen I don’t want to look at a menu while I’m keeled over having a contraction and I surely don’t want that burger chillin at room temp in the room while I’m pushing my baby out later this evening, but thanks anyways.

#3- A nice light robe for yourself– After giving birth everyone wants pics. You will feel SO MUCH BETTER changing out of that horrid hospital gown and into something pretty. I would suggest https://milkmaidgoods.com/ You can also get a matching swaddle for baby (which I never used but you might!) You can see mine in the picture above. Don’t get one of those fuzzy robe jams because you will be sweating YOUR ASS OFF. Hospitals are hot hot hot.

#4- Outfit for you and baby to go home in as well as clothing for hubby- You will be staying several nights but honestly wear something comfortable to the hospital (you and hubby) You can wear if in the hospital for the 2 days. No need to change. It’s not even going to be a real thought for your husband to change and you will be wearing your own robe or “gown” during your stay because every 5 min (it seems) you have a nurse or doc coming to to take your vitals and check your vag! FUN 😉 DO bring something decent for the both of you and baby to exit the hospital in. You don’t want to be looking like swamp creatures on your way out. What if TMZ is lurking LOL

#5- Necessary Hygiene products for you and hubby (go buy the travel sizes at target)
-Shampoo & conditioner

-Body wash
-Toothbrush & toothpaste
…that’s really all you will need

#6- Cell phone charger– with a LONG ASS CORD… those plugs are not close to the bed and you won’t want to get up to charge or check it. Get the XXXL cord.

OK now onto the shit I packed that never got touched!

#1- Makeup…. WTF?? I mean was I crazy. Please… you aren’t going to want to apply makeup during your stay so save yourself the space for SNACKS LOL

#2-Legit NOTHING for baby but a “going home outfit”.  The hospital provides EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING…formula, diapers, binkies..they have it ALL. Just trust me on this one

***SIDE NOTE: I did bring a couple different binkie selections and I am glad I did… Melania HATED the binkies the hospital provided so I’m glad a brought another brand. She LOVES the MUM brand if you are looking for a referral but every babies preference can be different. DO NOT go out and buy 10 different sections. 2 is fine, you’ll know right away what baby likes!

#3- Any “post birth amenities”- I saw some kit at “buy buy baby” for post labor essentials for women… crotch ice packs, granny panties, massive pads ect… DO NOT BUY THIS from the store and waster $50 of your hard earned money. EVERYTHING that comes in that kit & so much more is provided by the hospital. So don’t even bother packing yourself underwear. In fact you will leave the hospital with FREE underwear!! Some nice WHITE granny panties/diapers.

#4-Books? What did I pack a book for?? I didn’t touch that shit at all. No time to “relax” this isn’t vacation but it is the most exciting day of your life 😉

#5- Meds/amenities – Again they provide it all… ANY medication you might need such as pain relief or vagina numbing spray (yes that’s a real thing, but I don’t think it’s called that) will be provided to you. Melania had dry skin and I mentioned it to the nurse and they “wrote her a prescription (dramatic) for fancy lotion” and gave it to us. It was paid for by our health insurance because they “prescribed it”. #WINNING

To all you expecting mamas out there I hope this helps. DO NOT stress about packing for the hospital. Honestly just bring your own pillows and snacks at the very minimum and you will make it out alive ?

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