What you should know about LABOR DAY!

What you should know about LABOR DAY!

We need to stop scaring first time moms to death.

I mean it! After all of the “congratulations and well wishes” have come and gone it’s time to bring on the unsolicited advice and stories that for whatever reason are always negative and/or meant to terrify you. Like listen Martha, I already have this small human growing in me so my hormones are wacky…why don’t you go ahead and tell me your labor story that is nothing short of the next episode of “American Horror Story” WHY WHY WHY are we doing this to first time moms????

I would have to say that before my husband and I decided to start a family my #1 fear was labor. LIKE HOW??? HOW is a baby supposed to exit my body without killing me or at least severely injuring me? I am sure that MANY of my “mommies to be” or any women planning to have children “someday” may have this valid fear as well. Totally valid. Yes you can brush it off and convince yourself that “Thousands of women go into labor every single day here in America” so clearly it’s no big deal. WELL…queue every single woman out there who wants to validate their Labor Day by telling you every awful detail. I got my fair share of these stories and it did NOT make me feel any better “knowing every supposed detail” of what I was going to have to face.

If you want to know the REAL truth… Labor wasn’t that bad. Woah? Shocked to hear that? Haha! Well prepare to have your mind blown. What if I ONLY shared with you the positive aspects of Labor Day. Would that change your mind about the experience? I bet it would. Let me first start with a disclaimer. Yes of course it will be uncomfortable, panful & most likely a pretty long process BUT the end result will change you as a woman forever. Do keep in mind the maternity ward of hospitals have “repeat customers” all the time. So how bad could it REALLY be???

Listen to what I have to say about labor…

Labor Day is a lot like your wedding day… The event can last ALL day, into the night and maybe even into the wee hours of the early morning (in my case) but very much like a wedding day it is so hard to recall specific details because it all “happens so fast”. So try and open your eyes, be calm and be present. This is a day you will want to remember forever. I promise you.

My first contraction started at 9:15 am Oct. 25th, the next time I remember looking at the clock was at 5:20pm when I asked for an epidural, the very next time I looked at the clock was at 12:19 am Oct 26th when I was on my final pushes. My little angel was born October 26th at 12:19am after 15 hours of labor. (1 hour of that 15 was spent pushing.) PHEW! It’s over and look at this beautiful gift I have in my arms. I will tell you that no matter how many sonogram pictures you get of your baby you are never quite prepared to meet that angelic face. You will be flooded with emotions. The best possible ones. If you have never experienced “love at first sight” this will be your day! It’s a REAL THING and how exciting is that??!!

I don’t remember the day as this epic pain battle, not because I’m some crazy bad ass that feels no pain but simply because it was not the hilight of the experience. I have so much more to remember. If you are mentally prepared to be a warrior for your baby, let your nursing staff/doctor and husband (or partner) guide you. You will have a very positive experience. Oh and let’s not forget….for the love of GOD just get the epidural. I can promise you that you will not regret the epidural. I am so sick of hearing women boast about “all natural birth” like women who get epidurals are less womanly or earthly. LISTEN TO ME…YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A HERO. Get the epidural if you want it. I don’t believe I could have “enjoyed” the experience as much as I did if I didn’t have the epidural. Again, you are here for my personal opinion about MY experience so please don’t send me hate mail about my choices or opinions.

If you are a 1st time mom reading this your take home message is “You are going to be okay.” Giving birth will be the most incredible experience of your life AND don’t be afraid. You will do great!!! Your baby might be born naturally with or without an epidural, your baby may be born via c-section or emergency C-section. Just know that no matter how your baby choses (or you chose for your baby) to enter this world when you feel that first contraction I want you to get excited. After all, IT’S SHOW TIME!
And If you are a veteran mom that is guilty of telling these horror stories … STOP! Find a positive aspect of your Labor Day and share that. You can always share the nitty gritty after and when you BOTH will have something to share.

Now do me a favor veteran moms. Comment ONE POSITIVE aspect of your labor below for all the “mommies to be” to read

  • Megan Hughey
    Posted at 00:51h, 22 January

    Both of my boys were born after 28 hours of induced labor. I had one epidural that worked and one that failed me. It goes by so fast and you won’t even remember the pain, as soon as you are holding your precious babies in your arms. It’s truly the most amazing magical moment in your life. You made this beautiful little one and they are all yours. You can do it. We are all ROCKSTARS. ❤️

  • Jackie Freeman
    Posted at 03:07h, 22 January

    “It’s not that bad” I say that alll the time! It is totally true though! I had the same fear as I am sure every women does about labor and honestly it was not “the worst pain of my life” granted I did get an epidural (For all 3 babies)! That is a very good comparison though… it goes by sooo fast like your wedding day! You got this mommies to be! It all happens so fast and then you have the best little reward afterwards!!

  • Jessica sugg
    Posted at 14:50h, 22 January

    This may sound negative but it’s not lol When I had my twins via C section I hemorrhaged needing two blood transfusions but the best part about it was I didn’t even know I lost that much blood, I didn’t feel any different because I was just too excited to have my twins in my arms ! They were able to stay with me the entire time and I was up and walking with them the next day! After you see what was just “cooking” inside of you for 9 months , you forget all of the pain ! After all, I did it again and had a third child and hoping to have more !

  • Kristen Wilson
    Posted at 21:21h, 23 January

    Love love love this Lindsey! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for bringing some Positivity into our lives! Let’s all rejoice the beautiful outcome instead of always the negative stuff! Great read and much needed going into labor within a few days myself! 🙂