When is the right time to start a family? -For the career driven woman.

When is the right time to start a family? -For the career driven woman.

Let’s face it. If you are a career driven woman starting a family will single-handedly be the hardest decision you’ve ever made. Women who excel in the workforce have always generally had children “later in life” but in the 21st century that has now become even later! So when is the right time to start your family????

I struggled with this exact question for at least a year. I couldn’t even comprehend how I could balance the workload of my career with being pregnant and then having a newborn baby! Can I handle this? Is it the best decision to start now? While the company is growing?… should I wait till we slow down a bit? But when will we ever slow down? When should I start trying? Would a summer baby be easier? Will a winter baby be easier? Any question you could possibly think of, believe me I have pondered it.

I would have to say that I am grateful for my husband. He was the voice of reason, and now I can pass that along to you. You can overthink this process till you go crazy. I’ll save you the stress of overthinking and let you in on a little secret… there is no perfect time. Were you expecting a more scientific or definitive answer? Sorry to disappoint!

The truth is you need to do you for you and your husband and for your future family. Don’t worry about your bosses reaction, don’t worry about who is going to cover your workload while you are out. Don’t worry about childcare. DO worry about you & your husband’s yearning to start a family and run with it!!!

I speak from experience (because I WAS the woman I described above.) OVER THINKING EVERY ASPECT. My husband finally talked some sense into me in January 2019, and I finally gave in. We started trying. It was as simple as that. I stopped thinking about work & all the “what ifs” and changed my thoughts to thinking about all the positive aspects of becoming a mother and having a family.

If you are financially prepared, and on the same page as your spouse, do not let your career dictate to you when you start a family! I want you to know that you WILL find balance and you WILL make it work. It WILL be the the greatest decision you have made in your life, but it will also yield you the most precious gift you’ve ever received. I believe that there is no better time in America to be a working woman and a mother at the same time. Companies are very encouraging and accepting of work/life balance. As working women lets relish in the fact that we no longer have to stay home barefoot and pregnant. We have the ability, as women in America, to have a career and raise our babies! To make our own money & be strong mothers.

So what is the short version of this blog? There is no perfect time to have babies so stop overthinking. You do you for you, and for your family… the rest will fall into place! My family is proof.

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