Why breast feeding just wasn’t for me.

Why breast feeding just wasn’t for me.

OOOO…tuff topic to report on but you all know I keep it real real. Women get all rowdy about this one. First let me start by saying this is to EMPOWER women who chose not to or cannot (for whatever reason) breastfeed. If you are one of those crazy judgmental “BOOB ABOVE GOD” moms please just exit now because I will just delete your comments anyways so don’t bother getting fired up.

So why didn’t I breastfeed? Well I was openly asked about it on my instagram story for sure. “SO may I ask why you’re aren’t breastfeeding?” “Did you even try to breast feed?” “Do you know the benefits of breastfeeding?”

I didn’t breastfeed because frankly, I didn’t want to. The thought of being pregnant for 9 months and then having to continue to sacrifice my body long after just didn’t appeal to me in any way. Breastfeeding is a FULL-TIME JOB whether you are actually feeding or pumping and using a bottle, it is TIME CONSUMING. Breastfeeding mamas I applaud you. Feeding, finding time to pump, storing the milk properly, keeping track of the “date and time pumped”.  My head is spinning… I have like 8 full-time jobs as it is already (not to say that breastfeeding wouldn’t be my top priority) but lets face it, I am just being realistic, the idea of having my husband be able to split feeding duties right off the bat took such a load off me. A couple other factors played in of course.  I knew that my career required a lot out of me as is and to add breastfeeding into the mix would have been a nightmare for me. Here, let me whip my boob out at this morning meeting … YES LADIES I know it is socially acceptable but hear me out…what if I PERSONALLY didn’t feel comfortable whipping out the boob in the middle of a company meeting. Lastly, allow me to be vain. I absolutely did not want saggy boobs. NOPE. NO, thank you. Now do not roll your eyes and tell me all the reasons I am selfish. I don’t judge you for your parenting decisions so just leave it alone.

Hear me out…. just like any mom, I wanted what was best for my baby, so I researched breast feeding vs formula feeding from he moment I found out I was pregnant. Well let me tell you, this research is opinionated AF. Go to any pro-brest feeding website and you will find data suggesting you are THE WORST mother in the world if you do not breastfeed. My gosh this is how GOD himself intended us to feed our young so you MUST do “the boob”. Okay, okay, scratch those sites. Why don’t I head to Enfamil or Similac’s website. Do some reach there. I am so glad I did. Here I found many scientific studies that show that formula fed babies are just as well off as breastfed babies. After all, these companies paid MILLIONS of dollars for this research so that they could formulate a viable alternative to breastmilk. Remember not all moms choose not to breastfeed, some cannot, so this is for them too.


My daughter is in the 90th+ percentile in every growth chart, she is intelligent, inquisitive, beautiful and sleeps like an angel for 10 hours a night. Guess what? She has been formula fed since the moment she was born. And guess what?? She is not at a disadvantage to babies that are breastfed. Expecting Mamas who want to formula feed, listen to me closely…You do you! You do what’s best for your life and don’t let any other person in your life including your mom, best friend or spouse or MD  tell you otherwise. In fact, If your OB/GYN is shaming you for formula feeding I would dump them immediately. This is a very personal decision and my doctor didn’t even blink when I said I’m not breastfeeding. Bottle feeding has it benefits, Not only has my husband built an incredibly strong bond from feeding Melania and spending that extra time with her, My daughter has a happy and mentally healthy mommy because I chose the best option for myself personally. Motherhood isn’t ALL about baby. It’s about Mom & Dad too!


Mothers who chose to formula feed…Say it with me.

You are not selfish

You are not Lazy

You are not incapable

Your baby will not “suffer”

Your baby will not have more difficulty bonding with you

Your baby will not develop differently

Your baby will love you the same!

Say it louder for the people in the back.

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  • AMD
    Posted at 00:33h, 08 March

    Yes, yes yes!! Perfectly put! You do you! Your baby is clearly cared for, beautiful and thriving – the all-knowing “Karens” our there can suck it. More women need to adapt your attitude.