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Lindsey Cruz, a 34-year-old entrepreneur and health enthusiast, was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. She has been a resident of Grand Island, New York for her entire life and currently lives there with her husband Carmelo Cruz and their two children, Orlando (1) and Melania (3).

In 2015, Lindsey and her husband Carmelo founded 95 Nutrition, a health and wellness company that is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles through portion control. With her passion for helping others, Lindsey has successfully built a business that supports individuals in their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 95 Nutrition has 14 locations in the greater Buffalo and Rochester areas, as well as offering national shipping, making it possible for people across the nation to access their products and services. In just 8 short years, 95 Nutrition has grown from a small mom and pop operation to a multi-million dollar operation.

Entrepreneur, Mom, and Leader

In November of 2017, Lindsey and Carmelo tied the knot, and since then, they have been building an empire together. With their combined dedication, Lindsey and Carmelo have created a thriving business and a happy family life.